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The Big Sleep Out – Raised Over £40,000

Like most my business and family life is very busy and there often seems little time to reflect but when Bastion Estates were asked to be one of the sponsors for the planned The Big Sleep Out event at the John Smiths Stadium with other Huddersfield Town fans, board members, sponsors and fans we didn’t […]

UK House Prices Fell in February, Nationwide says

This kind of headline frustrates me greatly. Is the UK media’s prime focus to spread negativity about everything or report balanced facts? In my opinion and whatever the subject a negative headlines seems to be their favorite. Article as follows: UK house prices have recorded their first month-on-month fall since August, according to the Nationwide. The […]

2018 Property Market Forecast

Over the Christmas holiday period and the past few days I’ve read eight different articles from varying company’s and people’s predictions for the property market in 2018. In all fairness no one is saying anything dramatic or overtly negative and whilst the media as a whole have a tendency to focus in an negativity it’s […]

‘Gloomy’ Economic Budget Forecast

Maybe I am just an eternal optimist or view things with a glass half full type approach but the negative stance and headlines about do frustrate me. Forecast Cut Sharply and Gloomy Outlook…really? Key points below: Growth forecasts for the UK economy have been cut sharply following changes to estimates of productivity and business investment. […]

BUDGET – Housing, Growth and Support

Housing always seems to feature in any government’s budget as the subject is of core importance to the long-term housing shortage and economy of the country and this time housing featured strongly. I’ve removed a few of the London related announcements but below are the key points in relation to the overall housing industry. Stamp […]

Interest Rate Rise – As Predicted

I was right! I’d like not to be in this case but on at least two previous blog posts earlier this year did state that in my opinion interest rates would increase marginally before the calendar year. Banks will rush to increase their rates to reflect the rise and of course it has created lots […]

Statistics Say – Housing Price Sees Steady Growth

Maybe it’s my old life in the corporate world that means I’m often drawn to statistics and what they tell us but the Office for National Statistics do produce some interesting data. Whilst I appreciate that it is only a snapshot of this calendar year so far up until the end of August but it […]

5 Steps to Avoid the Housing Market Perfect Storm (apparently)

Am I in Narnia or has a broadsheets economics’ editor really decided to type some rather fanciful wand waving “5 Steps to Avoid the Housing Market’s Perfect Storm”? The article is long winded and relates heavily to the dysfunctional London market and whilst many of us are aware there is an affordability issue and rents […]