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May to Unveil Plans to Build More Council Houses

Broadly speaking post war Britain has been the bastion of home ownership and our expectation and focus of home ownership has driven the Englishman’s home is his castle ethos and of course separated us from most of our European neighbours where renting is the norm. To see the BBC News headline today about the Conservative […]

Celebrate Yorkshire, Promoting Huddersfield – A Premier Town

I’m not a regular breakfast business meeting attendee nor am I a serial networking type but when an event is on your doorstep and someone offers me a free bacon sandwich I’m there! Far too much business is done merely for business sake and without thought to promote and support your other local businesses where […]

Bank of England: Rate Rises will be Gradual & Limited

  Mark Carney’s comments won’t come as a surprise to most people and certainly we did forecast a marginal interest rate in previous blogs for later in 2017. Whilst we are not correct yet, it is looking likely. This kind of comment is relatively indifferent but still interesting to note and also worthy of mention […]

Property Doom? Correction or Crash or Neither?

Two weeks ago a friend and colleague who is an experienced property professional was expressing his concern about the stability of the property market and how a ‘crash’ was coming. The gentleman in question reads endless articles and forecasts. I was fairly damning of his negative view point and told him that reading press articles […]

Queens Speech 2017: Lettings Fees to Be Banned

Today’s Queens Speech has announced what we all knew was coming and it’s no surprise. It’s a good headline grabbing announcement that will feed the media’s occasional crusade against the private landlord but of course it’s little more than and a headline and will have little change to the letting market and merely mean that […]

Hung Parliament – what is the impact on Buy to Let property?

Since the election result I’ve read a number of articles from various people who work in the property industry. Some are informed and experienced, others are alleged ‘experts’ and some seem keep to try and drag their ‘informed’ comment out into various video clips that you can purchase. Forgive my flippancy but if you actually […]

Premier League!

For those that don’t know Bastion Estates is a commercial partner of Huddersfield Town Football Club and have been for three years. Prior to this we’ve done some occasional sponsorship over the years but we formalised our relationship in 2014. The decision back then was made for business reasons and personal reasons, as I’m a […]

Another Crazy Property Week

I don’t comment on specific business sales or achievements often but after a crazy couple of weeks I thought it was worthy of comment. Not because we have agreed sales on vast quantities or sold glamorous city centre apartment blocks or even multi million pound London schemes but because we have continued to increase our […]

‘Dominance’ of Big Home Builders

An article earlier this week on BBC News was headlined MPs say ‘dominance’ of big home-building firms must end. It’s interesting reading but misses a key point – refer to the bottom for our comment. MPs have called for an end to the dominance of big home-building firms to fix the “broken” housing market. The communities […]

Sociable Business Golf

Bastion fielded two teams in a Huddersfield Town Football Club golf day yesterday. Guests came from Noble Homes, Eastwood Homes, Jewsons, Paragon Oak, The Alternative Board, Big Property Sale, Discrete Land and of course Bastion Estates. None of us are particularly good golfers, though some were better than others (Richard from Big Property Sale) but […]