Our Man in Hong Kong

New contacts come from around the globe and take you by surprise. Today we have been exchanging emails and subsequent phone calls from a company representing Chinese and far east based buy to let investors who are interested in the UK buy to let market. It demonstrates the buy to let property market is popular globally and the UK property market offers wide appeal due to its stability and growth.

Old Contacts & New Opportunities

A call from an old contact and someone you’ve not spoken to for over four years is always welcome particularly when it brings new investor stock opportunities. It shows that an established reputation counts for a lot. This meant another trip into Leeds but a worthwhile trip. Watch this space for the new stock!

Thinking Outside the Box

Two hour meeting with colleague Simon prompting each other to look outside of our property related experience to alternative approaches and methods with the aim of driving things forward. Always beneficial and as ever Simon was sporting a worryingly pink shirt. Shame the service at  the Cedar Court Hotel in Bradford is terrible; nearly didn’t bother paying for the teas!

On the Road All Day

Manchester and Liverpool round tour today. Always depressing to travel to the ‘wrong’ side of the hills from sunny Yorkshire.

I took some Yorkshire tea bags with me as a gift to the first meeting with the new developer who is based in Manchester city centre. The tea bags caused some laughter and amusement. Decent product and with a little fine tuning it will be released to our investors.

Then onto Formby for an impromptu lunch at Formby Golf Club with an existing vendor who we have recently sold fourteen tenanted apartments for.

Good worthwhile day and 210 miles later.

New Website

Think Robert our superstar IT guy may get rather tired of our continuous changes to the new website. Patient as ever he’s doing a superb job and we are getting there.