UK House Prices Fell in February, Nationwide says

This kind of headline frustrates me greatly. Is the UK media’s prime focus to spread negativity about everything or report balanced facts? In my opinion and whatever the subject a negative headlines seems to be their favorite.

Article as follows: UK house prices have recorded their first month-on-month fall since August, according to the Nationwide.

The building society said average UK property prices in February were 0.3% down on the previous month.

This monthly change is generally regarded as a volatile measure of house prices, but the Nationwide said it reflected the wider picture.

The annual growth in house prices to February slowed to 2.2% from January’s figure of 3.2%.

Consumer confidence, the squeeze in household incomes, a lack of mortgage activity, and a slowdown in the key London market have all been factors in the slowdown.

So in this micro window of activity growth is still 2/2%!

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